Not just anyone- but You are Special!

Why not re-start blogging today?

Christmas stuff is put away.

Christmas book ‘What Sarah Saw the Birth of the Savior of the World’ is seasonal- and done for another year.

Everyone I follow and everyone who follows me on Twitter was carefully chosen. I just don’t let any Tom Dick and Harry follow me.  (Years ago I had a friend named Ann, and those really were the names of her friends!)

I have a Easter book to sell- but wait!  Don’t close!  This is a cool book for teens. ‘Jesus,the Brother of James and Jude, and the Savior of the World.  Yes, I even put the donkeys  too…

Sure, Amazon- and working on my web page- although did you see the problems with that?  Really? Crooks everywhere these days.

I need to have you take a chance and buy this book for your team when Easter arrives. April 20th– I already looked!