Caiaphas, the High Priest and his friends

Lazarus wrapped his arms around Jesus and whispered something in his ear. Jesus smiled.

Scanning the crowd for his sisters, Lazarus turned and seeing them, he yelled, “Martha!  Is there anything to eat in the house for me and my friends?”


Martha cupped her hands and yelled back, “We shall roast our best lambs! Everyone, please come back to the house for a celebration, for Jesus had brought Lazarus, my brother back to life!”


At the point, the crowd let out all their emotions; cheered and yelled, raising their arms in the air, dancing in circles, and letting all the tension in their bodies leave.

Singing all together hymns of hallelujahs, the crowd quickly moved back to the house for a feast instead of a wake.


The people seemed to know that Lazarus and Jesus would want some time together before greeting the guests. Still standing outside the tomb was Jesus and Lazarus.   Some distance away were the disciples talking among themselves, but yet everyone was watching the two of them out of their eye.   


 Farther away were small groups of friends of Jesus, friends of Lazarus, friends of the disciples; but everyone was talking, but  still watching Jesus and Lazarus. The groups were responding to their reaction of seeing a man dead for four days and brought back to life and complete health. Did you see this? Did you hear that? Could you believe when he sang? Was it James and Jude who rolled away the stone?  It was astonishing to everyone who had just witnessed the greatest miracles of their lifetime.


Watching Jesus and Lazarus walk down the road away from the house, Jesus stopped, turned and put both his hands on both of the shoulders of Lazarus.  Reversing their direction, they walked back up the road, past their friends, and right back to the house.


Standing back and people watching, Caiaphas, the High Priest and his friends, sick to their stomachs walked in the other direction, back to Jerusalem.


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