What did James and Jude say to Jesus?

ImageJesus said,” What is happening to make you walk all the way from Jerusalem?”

James replied,” Mother and Mary, the sister of Lazarus sent us.  Lazarus asked for you and then lost consciousness.  They want you to come right away.”

Jesus said, “Anything else?”

Jude smiled at James and said, “You see, He knows.”


“Jesus, James and I had a long talk on our walk here.  We are very sorry that we did not accept the fact at the family wedding that you are the Messiah.  It was as if we knew, but we just refused to worship you, as our Lord and Savior.  We are very sorry for being your very stupid brothers.” 


James said,” The Savior of the World has to be somebody’s brother; might as well be ours.”


Jesus laughed and said, “Well if the Son of Man has to have brothers, might as well be you two!


James and Jude looked at each other with relief. Jude said,” Then will you forgive us for being stupid?”


“And not telling Mother and Father we knew you were at the temple in Jerusalem all the time they were looking for you?” James asked.


Jesus laughed. “Yes, of course I will forgive you, and I have taken care of you in more ways than one since you were born.  My Father in Heaven knows all, and He told me that you would be talking to me today.  My Father has plans for both of you, but I cannot speak of it today.  I have people to see here in Upper Galilee, and then the disciples and then I will hurray to Bethany.”


James said, “But Jesus, Mary was adamant that you come right away.  Lazarus begged for you and then lost consciousness.  I have never seen her so anxious.”


“My Father in heaven knows all.  He told me that the Glory and Power of the Messiah will be shown in Bethany.  I need to see people here, and then I will hurry to Bethany. Why don’t you go to the house of Lazarus and see if you can be of any help and assure them I am on my way?”


Jude said, “We can do that.  If Martha is cooking, then we will gladly stay and help out. So shall we tell her you will be there soon?”

Jesus looked at James and Jude and said, “Tell them I am coming to Bethany and say nothing more.”


Jude said to James, “Ok, we are on our way to Bethany.”


Before leaving, they knelt on the ground before Jesus, but Jesus said,” James and Jude, you are forgiven. I love you and know you accept me as your Lord and Savior.  As this time, don’t talk about it except to family members who also know.  Soon, you will understand these instructions.”


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