Mary, Martha and Lazarus took a nap.

The next morning Jesus took an opportunity to talk to James and Jude, his half-brothers.    After performing his first miracle- turning water into wine at a family wedding, the half- brothers had been cold toward Jesus.  Walking down the road, arm in arm, laughing the way that brothers do; now Jesus, James and Jude were recalling the fond memories of their youth   A half mile away, but still in sight, they could be seen sitting by the road; Jesus talking, James and Jude nodding.

Jesus was telling them that His Father had a special plan for James and Jude and would they promise to fulfill the duties and responsibilities that God would give them. James and Jude, their hearts filled with love for the Savior, said, “Yes, we will, with the help of God.”


Jesus said to the brothers,” I say to you, whatever happens in the near future, you will see me again. Do you believe my words?

Once again James and Jude solemnly nodded their heads.


While Jesus and his brothers were down the road, Lazarus was back at the house talking to others.  He was still answering the same question; where had he been the past four days? He gave all the same answer as he had to Peter, James and John.  Lazarus had lingering feelings of love and light and that was all he could remember.  Praising Jesus for bringing him back to life, he continued to call Jesus his Lord and Savior.


Jesus walked back to into the house and grabbed a piece of fruit.  He said to Lazarus, “Did you get enough to eat last night?

Lazarus laughed and said, “Did I? Yes, and so did 200 other people.  We had several strangers dropping off all kinds of food last night, saying hello and then leaving.”

Jesus said, “Really? How unusual is that?”


Then he heard a chuckle coming from the other side of the room.  Jesus walked over and gave his Mother a hug.  “How are you doing today, Mother?”

“Son that was a wonderful day yesterday. I hope more people left knowing you are the Savior of the World.”

“Mother, that is up to my Father in Heaven, but it was a meaningful day to me as well. Mother, always remember I love you, and I thank my Father for choosing you to be my Mother.

Mary reached up and hugged her Son, tears in her eyes, she said, “Thank you, Jesus for saying that.  You are my Lord and Savior. I thank God every day for His blessings.”

 Jesus looked at her and said, “Good. The day is coming, Mother, when I will leave, but I will return again. Remember that when all seems unknown.”

Mary looked at her Son, with a question on her lips, but Jesus looked at her intently, “Just remember what I told you.”


Martha glanced at Mary Magdalene and said,” I know you are tired, but could I trouble you to ask Mother Mary’s friends just to stay one hour and help up pick up the house?”


“Absolutely.  You sit right down and your house will be clean before we leave.”


The friends of Mother Mary left the house spotless while their dear exhausted friends, Mary, Martha and Lazarus took a nap.


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