And for this sentence of truth, the Sanhedrin, the council of the temple, decided to put Jesus, the Savior of the World, to death. The man they had all just see put an ear back on a man’s head that night, raise Lazarus from the dead, and in their own temple watch Jesus heal the blind, the deaf, the lame; decided that such a healer and teacher of all people must die before the Passover.

Jesus looked at them and said, “And you will see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of God and coming on the clouds.”

 The old men of the Sanhedrin just started screaming, “You will die!”  They spit on him, and hit him with their fists. (NIV)


The Pharisees and the Sadducees could yell all they wanted, ‘you will die, ‘ but even the donkeys Hannah and Ezekiel knew that a religious temple council cannot actually execute a man.  Only the Roman governor had the power to put a criminal to death and his name was Pontius Pilate.


Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin, the religious leaders of the Jews, would take Jesus to Pontius Pilate. They must tell a Roman that a Jew must die because he said he is the Christ, a person saying, I am the Christ, is not a crime worthy of death- yet the death of Jesus was the only punishment the Sanhedrin would accept.


Judas was also headed to the temple with his 30 pieces of silver.  Apparently he had heard that his little kiss was going to cost Jesus, his friend of three years, his life, and all of a sudden, the silver just didn’t seem that important.   He told the chief priest he had made a mistake and Caiaphas stood up and laughed at Judas.

Judas threw the silver that had been so important to him the night before, on the floor of temple, went out the door, out of the city, and took his own life. It was a gruesome death and fitting for the man who betrayed the Savior who would save all believers from our sins.  Later on when the priests heard that Judas was dead, they picked up the 30 pieces of silver and bought some land for a burial ground for unknown people; and buried the body of Judas there. It was called the Potter’s Field, and it yet another prophecy spoken in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New Testament.


Mother Mary and friends got to the temple just as the guards were taking Jesus to the palace of Pontius Pilate.  As women, they had to stand in the back of the crowd, but there they could observe everyone. They heard Pontius Pilate ask Jesus,” Are you king of the Jews?”


Jesus replied,” Yes, it is as you say.”   Pontius Pilate listened as the chief priests went on and on and on with all sorts of accusations.   Jesus didn’t look at them and he didn’t even answer or look at them.   Pontius Pilate had never seen anyone who accused of a crime, facing the death penalty, behaving as if he had superiority over these people and he was the king.

Pontius Pilate heard that Jesus was from the province of Galilee. Therefore, Jesus should go to the King of Galilee, Herod; the man who beheaded and killed John the Baptist could take this problem off of Pilate’s hands. Pilate knew Jesus was innocent and did not want to crucify him.


 Herod thought Jesus might do a miracle or even talk to him, to get out of being killed, he was mistaken.  Herod saw he was wasting his time, so he jokingly put kingly purple robe and a crown of thorns (which symbolizes sin) on him, and sent him back to Pontius Pilate. 


The wife of Pontius Pilate told her husband that she had had a terrifying dream about Jesus and the frightening consequences if Pilate put him to death. He listened to her, and he listened to Herod.  In the end, Pontius Pilate gave in to the chief priests.  He gave the command for the crucifixion to be carried out that very day.



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