my resume as of April 10

Janine Kredell

Prescott Valley AZ 86314



Alma College B.M 1976, class rank 36- 233 with a GPA of 3.3671. Graduate school Michigan State and Central Michigan, 18 credit hours in educational administration: GPA at Central Michigan University.4.0 and at Michigan State 3.7.  History and social studies additional endorsement added by Alma College; at St. Clair Community College, Saginaw Valley State University, and Oakland University done on campus. Michigan and Arizona state educational tests passed with highest scores.

Relevant Experiences-

2012-2013-, Arizona Agriculture Equine Center, 7500 E Civic Center Prescott Valley

CJ Williams hired me, gave me an outstanding evaluation and left to work for the Department of Education in Maricopa County. Teaching the new employees the computer software, using PowerPoint to teach, showing the students the best way to retain information were some of the multi-tasking I volunteered to do, succeeding a using an entirely new teaching template.

2011-2012- PUSD- 146 S. Granite Street Prescott, AZ 86303

Three vocal music teachers in three years opened a vacancy at PUSD for me, the fourth in four years. I was employed by two of the best principals I have ever worked for, Jacob Magallanez and Harold Tenney. It was here that problem solving and planning were at the forefront of each day. Learning an entirely new software system was the first thing I had to do; documenting and allowing me to make contact with parents, following up on the day.  This was a position of verbal persuasion, event planning and  re-training people to accept an entirely different way of learning.

2008-2010 Arizona Scottsdale Christian Academy

My first teaching job in Arizona was voted one of the best schools in the nation, but has few teaching vacancies. I subbed in classrooms and did long term music leaves. SCA also had a different software program; these students are incredibly intelligent and teachers bring the A game every day. As a number one school; detail and documentation were demanded and of high importance. Looking for a full time job, I began subbing at Deer Valley Unified Schools in February of 2009, and worked there every day unless called by Scottsdale Christian Academy. Finding again, each school district has different software and the first priority is to learn it immediately: attendance, planning, documentation and following up with parents is necessary every day.

 We moved to Prescott in August of 2010 when my husband David became employed by a radio station, then became the marketing and advertising director at Tim’s Toyota Center.

2006-2008- Port Huron Area Schools 1925 Lapeer Street, Port Huron, MI 48060 Contacted in early August, 2006 by the Chippewa middle school band director to direct the bands during her maternity leave, I accepted the job and used all my skills to set up a  successful beginning band whose progress was months ahead of other bands in other schools. The computer department head of the entire Port Huron Area Schools taught free software classes to all teachers, and I took them all: Moodle, adobe, gradebooks and all the Office applications. Excelling in classes in 1995-97 where all  Office applications were first taught, I love and use software constantly.

 2001-2006 various retail employment After 25 years of teaching, I was offered and accepted a buyout. A husband who works as hard as I did, two sons, one with a disability, made it easy to decide to take a buyout for the teachers on the top end of the salary schedule.  I was soon making daily presentations on why to buy a Buick! I managed my husband’s political campaign, working on his campaign literature, doing outreach on the state level and problem solving with my political party.

1976-2001 Peck Community Schools 222 E. Lapeer St. Peck MI 48466 Teaching 5-12 music and 8th grade history for twenty-five years in a small, rural school, I learned to use my skill set at all times:planning, making decisions about what purchases needed to be made, fundraising, concerts, parades, competitions, teaching each and every student what skills they were lacking, but engaging the student for the much needed retention. Having the highest retention in the county allowed us to do than other schools; such as perform at the White House in Washington D.C.   If one can teach band, you can teach anything.  I knew their instrument, every day was detailed for every minute; planning and personal people skills helped me build the program, k-12 music.  





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