Band directing- a rewarding occupation!

J.W. Pepper, a music publishing and distribution company, does much research into what music is being performed around the nation.  Michigan has an extensive list of music, jazz, concert, marches at the Collegiate AA – A levels.  I am very familiar with that music, having conducted and performed many of the pieces, and certainly have directed all of the composers.

I miss directing. I miss the music, the story the music tells, and the musicians falling in love with the piece.

I love to direct as I can see what everyone is doing with the score, look up and see the students either right on, or pretending to be right on. The notes are right in front of me, so I can see and hear what that are doing.

I stop to help those who are lost, reassure them I will cue them, and then go over the phrases with them. I like to paint a word picture for them, to change the notes into a story to be conveyed to the audience.

Then as the notes come together, the band moves the music forward, and I can see the joy in their body language, and I think, it just doesn’t get any better than this!



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