What to do when I need a jolt of creativity?

I go to twitter. What’s there? Anything you want. I read articles from well-known papers and magazines that have been vetted and read by others. I check certain @twitter people, as in #LibertyMarketing to see whom they have been consorting with lately. That is always worth a smile and a new idea. I look on my list of to- dos and decide how much time do I have to complete creativity project and therefore feed the need.
I can’t afford the Wall Street Journal at this time, but I just heard two new #EricClapton tunes on soundcloud. Blues- and written in the manner that Eric has done. Good hook, great sing a long chorus, nice harmony and a melody that you will remember. There is a jolt. Should go over to the piano right now.
Then there is the infamous #TimFargo, who works around the clock. Just the work ethic gives me a jolt- plus I like his pictures. If he would just put the #car on one time!
After I check out twitter, then I have my jolt. Time to get going and have something to show that today was not a waste.
Oh, and Hashtags are a bonus- visual to what is the point?


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