Pull the Plug

Pull the Plug


Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book

Before one of them came to be.

Psalm 139:16.

The entire Psalm is wonderful, but after the death of my son, it became my touchstone.

When and how does a person die?

Those two questions haunted me. How could the children where I taught die?   All in accidents, careless at times, senseless at all times. I was at the funeral home every year.

 I remember a girl driving a car on a back road at the beginning of the school year. Her Bestie got a new car, and said, go ahead and drive. She couldn’t drive, but she wouldn’t tell Bestie that. She drove the car on the pot ridden road too fast and flipped it, rolled it.  Bestie lived, the girl did not.  I remember going through the school pictures that had just been shipped, looking for her picture for the funeral.   It was surreal. Here yesterday, gone forever today.

Then the friend, good church goer; she was helpful at church growing the foundation with dividend paying stocks, while she employed nothing but illegal aliens at her manufacturing plant.  She had just a small tumor, but in the duodenum, but it had spread just a little bit to the liver.  She was wealthy, she could have had a transplant, but the doctors said no.  If there are tumors in two organs we will not do a transplant.

Before the year was over, she was gone.

Why some so suddenly, why some over a period of time.

My opinion.  It is not the disease. One may have a disease, or something physically wrong, but that does not cause death.  We all have an appointment with God that has been set up before we were born.

Why so soon? We all have an appointment with God that has been set up before we were born.

In my family- it is immediate, but we have strong faith in our Lord.  In other situations, maybe the imminent seeming death will make others come to the Lord.

I have found though I see ‘someone’, that God is the only One who can give us Peace when we lose someone we love in death.

Pull my plug. Let the Lord take my last breathe and soul to heaven.